Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Organized- Day #2

The thing that I organized today is truly just for me, my makeup drawer. No one sees it and it's looked the same for so long.....a big mess. I don't wear a lot of makeup these days and I don't take the time to "enjoy" makeup like I used to. Pretty much since I've had kids, I just open the drawer, use the same things everyday (or none if we just stay home), and then go on with my business.

Today I cleaned it up a little. I washed my makeup brushes, threw out some old stuff and changed out the containers to hold things. The first thing I did was wipe out the drawer with a scented lavender wipe, a sample that I already had. It made the bathroom smell amazing while I was working and it also cleaned really well! Then I found some pretty tissue paper and lined the drawer. For me, getting more organized is NOT about going out and buying new containers and stuff. Of course that's fun to do but, I want to get more creative using things that we already have at home.

Throwing out old makeup is so important. While I was going through my stuff, I came across an eye cream that's supposed to make the area around your eyes look brighter. Well, I tried it on and the area around my eye is indeed brighter.....bright red! And bumpy. And warm. The cream was way too old. Throw out your old makeup!

Here are the before and after pictures. I've decided that this project is already super humbling. Showing the before picture is embarrassing!


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  1. It looks so neat and organized. I love, love, love organizing drawers. It's like that little secret when someone sees an exposed mess (you know the dumped out toys the kids are "playing with" in the living room). I think in my head, "Oh, but if you saw my kids' crafts drawer with the child proof lock you would be impressed." Hee hee :) Love it!


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