Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting Organized-Day #3

Do you ever do something that's just so much fun that you're practically giddy while you're working on it? Maybe you dance around a little or talk to yourself slightly because it's so much fun. Well, while I was labeling these containers, that's how I felt. Maybe that's weird........

See, we buy a lot of bulk foods but, I don't like having my cupboards full of plastic bags. When everything is in a bag, it's hard to see what you have, it's hard to have things neatly put away and it's also messy to use.

For awhile I've been saving our pickle jars and apple sauce jars. If you just wash them out, they work great for storing bulk foods! I got a label maker for my Birthday and it works great to label just about anything. Having the foods in a glass jar makes it pretty self-explanatory as to what's inside but, wheat berries and brown rice look the same so, it's better to have things labeled. Plus, I like how it looks.

I didn't take a "before" picture honestly because I forgot but, here's the after picture of the labeled containers. Just imagine all these foods in plastic bags with twist ties.

Now they're all ready to be stored away in the cupboard! Thanks for the ideas on what to organize. I'll use them all except the garage....that's my husband's job. :)


  1. wow Angela!
    This is great recycling, organizing, decluttering, decorating and much more! very cool!
    When I do this, it will be easier to eat healthier also...
    Love, Mom

  2. another reason why I like you! love this!

  3. I just stumbled on your blog and had to say hi because I have a Judah too! He's almost 4 :)

    Good name choice! :)


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