Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organizing: Days 4 & 5

Today I made up for not working on anything yesterday. Actually, I worked on lots of stuff yesterday but, not my organizing project. So, today I tackled the top of our refrigerator and our coat closet.

I've always considered myself a fairly organized and clean person but, when I started this project, I realized just how messy our coat closet was. I guess I just never really thought about what it looked like and yikes, it needed some help!

Here's what I did:
Step #1 Use matching hangers. I took everything off the hangers and got the white matching hangers from our bedroom closet and re-hung everything on matching hangers.
Step #2 Go through all hats/scarfs/mittens/jackets and put any we don't need into a bag for the thrift store.
Step #3 Find cute containers to put hats/scarfs/mittens into. I searched around my home and couldn't find any containers so, I called my mom to see if she had any extra baskets that I could use. She brought me the ones you'll see in the picture. They are too small but, they will work until I get bigger baskets. Now, I'll be keeping an eye out for the right baskets.
Before: (embarrassing!)

After: (Better but, I still need new baskets)As far as organizing the top of the refrigerator goes, it was more a project of just de-cluttering it. The top of our refrigerator has been a place to hold awkward shaped appliances that we don't use frequently enough to have on the counter. Clutter bothers me so, today I made it my mission to find a home for these things that is out of my sight.

It's amazing how you can actually find "homes" for things if you really try. I thought our cupboards were already pretty full but, after a little rearranging, I was able to put all of these things away in cupboards. Hooray for a clutter free refrigerator top!



  1. Wow, Angela, you are on fire!!! Good for you - you are so inspiring! Everything looks great. Our coat closet could use some organizing for sure... I'll be a copy-cat on some of these projects. :) Thanks for sharing.
    PS: The pictures of Paisley are just ADORABLE!

  2. Dear Angela -
    Thank you for dinner and for sharing your organizing inspiring (the dinner and the organizing)
    Have a FUN day
    Love, Mom

  3. Looks great. I'm especially impressed with decluttering the top of your frig. Finding homes for all that stuff is challenging. You rock!

  4. Impressive! Love that you were able to re-organize and get those "in - sight" things out of sight! That is awesome! Love that you had to match the hangers too!

  5. Thanks ladies! I'm having fun with this project. It's giving me something to do with myself that's not part of the normal daily grind. Thanks for the encouragment.


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