Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flowers made with ribbon

Lately I've had a touch of the crafting bug. I've been wanting to get busy and creative doing some craft projects....especially with materials that I already have.

This afternoon, I did some google searching to find out how I could make flowers for Paisley's headbands with ribbon. I was excited to discover how easy it is!
First you cut a piece of ribbon, about 6 inches or so long. The longer the ribbon, the more "bunchy" your flower will be.
Next, thread your needle and do a running stitch on the ribbon.
Pull the thread tight to create the flower and then sew the ends together.
Go find a cute button and then sew the button on. I have a little bag with my sewing things with some buttons in it. They are just extra buttons that have come with clothes etc. and I never thought I'd use them for anything!
I hot glued an old hair clip onto this flower. This way I can clip it to any of Paisley's headbands.
Here they are! I made the pink one on the right the same way except I sewed it onto a headband that Paisley already had. The headband just had a little heart on it so, I removed the heart and I think the flower looks so cute on it!

I made this big white flower and then made a small pink flower and sewed it into the middle. Oh the possibilities are endless........I think Paisley has a lot of flower headbands in her future.
I made these tonight after bedtime. I just need to get some headbands or clips to attach them to.


  1. So cute, Angela! Good for you! (Glad I had boys -- no crafts required for raising boys!)

  2. Its wonderful how satisfying little projects can be...You are creating your own flowers even before we can see many outside! they are beautiful and Paisley Rae will appreciate them so much!

  3. Hi! I'm a new blogger and follower. Check out my blog and follow me too. Cute baby girl! I got an almost 8 month old daughter.

  4. Cute. Cute. Somehow I think I missed this before, Angela. Way to go!


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