Friday, February 11, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

Back in May, my Grandma went to be with Jesus. Today would've been her 85th Birthday. I think about her so often and I don't usually feel sad when I think about her, memories of her make me really happy. I know she wanted to carry on a strong legacy and she wanted us to have happy memories of her, after she was gone.

When she was alive, she often talked about death, going to be with Jesus, who would get her things and so on. Honestly, it got really old sometimes. I often wanted her to just stop talking about death and be "in the moment". Now I understand better that she was just really ready to be with Jesus and she wanted us to be prepared for when she was gone. She wanted to make sure that we would have lots of things to remind us of her.

Right now, if I could tell her anything, I would just want her to know how often I think of her, how many things remind me of her and what positive thoughts I have about her.

Today, a friend of mine posted a video on facebook that reminded me of my Grandma. Listen to this song, it's amazing.

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  1. Dear Angela ~~~~~~~

    That was wonderful. Thank you.
    Grandma Dotti would say "wow, you really "get it""!

    Love, Mom


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