Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend wrap-up

We've had a fun and laid back weekend. Yesterday was my precious nephew's 2nd birthday party and it was so much fun. We hung out with lots of family, ate delicious food and had a really fun time. It's amazing how a 2 year old really does get excited about having a birthday party. We sang him "Happy Birthday" and he was even able to blow out the candle all by himself. The only bad thing was that I forgot my camera so, I don't have any fun party pictures to share.

It snowed off and on all day Saturday so, today our church was cancelled. With the exception of Judah and Jeremiah making a quick grocery store run, we stayed home all day today.
I got some chores done and I also made this headband for Paisley. It's huge but, I love it. She's starting to try and grab anything that Judah is holding. She really wants to get her hands on his sippy cup. Check out the way she's eyeing it......Yes, she's still in her jammies.
It's like she's already planning on grabbing it, running into another room and locking the door.
I just love them and it's so fun to see the way their relationship is developing.
Tonight after bath time, Judah climbed into his toy box, put these glasses on his head and he was blowing his train whistle. As much as "2" can be a hard age, sometimes I wish I could just freeze this age because it's so fun.


  1. Angela, Thank you for the smiles and giggles from your photos and comments here. I love to read your blog.
    Love you, Mom

  2. I love the headband too. Mercy had one just as big on yesterday. She felt so pretty. P looks so cute! I love how J seems to know she's after his sippy cup too and he's loving it!


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