Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Babies etc.

Wow, how ridiculous am I that I get goosebumps and little tears in my eyes when I hear that someone I don't even know just had their baby?

That  is why (Lord willing), I'll end up having a ton of babies. Well, maybe more like 4 or something. Not actually a ton. For the record, I am very content with the 2 that I have right now and my hands are currently full enough. But again, Lord willing, we are definitely not done.

Right now, I feel like it'll be a while before we have another because having 2, two and under is pretty busy and I can only handle so much chaos or else I start to get a little stressed. Maybe when our children are all older I'll go back to school to become a midwife or something. That way I can experience the miracle of birth over and over without having a ton of kids of my own. I'd love to help other women on the most special day of their lives....I guess we'll just see what God's plans are.


  1. Lets start a sister Midwifery! I get teary reading this :)

  2. I think you both are wonderful mothers and would be great mid wives...
    Love, Mom


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