Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Monday

Today was a good, busy day. This morning I did chores around the house and spent some time outside with Judah. I love that it's slowly starting to get warmer outside. I can just see that we are going to be playing outside almost everyday, very soon. We need more outside toys so, I'm going to start searching craigslist and see what deals I can find.

This afternoon my sweet Mom came and spent time with Judah so, I could go and do a bunch of errands with just Paisley and take her to her 4 month appointment. It's easier to make many stops if I just have Paisley with me. Actually, it'd be easier if I was alone but, I do just fine with Paisley. She is such a happy baby and we got a lot done. We hit Costco, Fred Meyer and the mall.

Her 4 month appointment went great. She weighs 14lb, 12 oz and is 26 inches long. Her weight is the 63% and length is 92%. The doctor said that she seems like she is doing just great! She got shots and cried but, she recovered really fast. Shots always make me feel so sad but, I know it's for her best!

We came home and I made mini pizzas on whole grain English muffins for dinner. Judah loves them and they are healthier and quicker than using regular pizza crust so, it works for me.

Well, that was our Monday in a nutshell. Thanks Mom, for hanging out with Judah!

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  1. You are so welcome! I love being with Judah! He shows me how precious every day is as he grows and learns so quickly. I loved how he spontaneously gave Paisley a kiss when you two arrived back home.
    Love, Mom


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