Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daylight savings time and Judah's sleep

Ever since Judah was a little baby, he's been in his bed about 8pm every night and gone to sleep well. Since we "sprung ahead" a few weeks ago, he's been going to sleep so much later.

We've put him to bed at his (new) normal time but, he still hasn't recovered from the time change. He isn't sad when he's in bed. He talks, sings and plays around. He just doesn't go to sleep! Sometimes I'm amazed by how long it takes him to go to sleep at night. It makes me wonder if he's going to stop napping soon.

He's also still in a crib but, he's been talking to me about a "big boy crib", I think he means bed. I think the days of him being in a crib are numbered. We won't be moving him out of his crib until he's climbing out of it but, I think he's going to be climbing out soon.

Tonight my mom came and stayed with Judah while we went to our home group. They had the best time. She said they sat on the couch and had a conversation. He talked a lot about how he wants to drive the work van soon and drive her car soon. He is so obsessed with wanting to drive things.

Be sure to keep track of your keys if you're around Judah!


  1. He also talked about his cousins (and of course what nice trucks they have!) He also told me that Rosie likes dump trucks!
    He is so much fun!
    Love, Mom (Grandma)

  2. Gracie doesn't usually take naps anymore. It's a hard transition, but you'll get through it. In the meantime, it isn't a bad thing that they lay in bed awake, especially if they are happy. It sounds like J is happy. Daniel used to talk and practice his words after he was in bed, it was a good thing for him.


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