Monday, March 21, 2011

A few things that "work" for me

This stage of life, with two little ones is super busy. Sometimes I get caught up in the feeling of being torn in so many different directions. I need to document a few of the things that are "working" for me right now. It'll help me remember what life was like with a 2 year old and 4 month old. The things that work will always change. For now, these are the things that help.

•Getting up with Paisley at 7am, feeding her, having a cup of coffee and a moment to start my day before Judah wakes up. We all function better if we start our day off right. If I start my day rushed, it affects the whole atmosphere of our home. Also, reading a Bible verse or two in the morning really helps me start the day with the right prospective.

•If we have errands to run or play dates to go to, it makes all of us happier if we do them in the morning before lunch and nap time. Paisley takes 3 or 4 naps a day so, I can't always be home for all her naps but, we can at least 95% of the time be home for Judah's nap in the afternoon.

•Having a consistent nap time for Judah and having Paisley nap at that same time really works for me. Judah's nap is longer than Paisley's but, at least I get some time to myself everyday. I count on this time and I need it. I love them more than anything but, every mom needs a moment of silence and peace.

•I blog during their nap times. I don't blog when they are awake because I just don't feel right about that. I like to sit when they are  resting, have a cup of coffee and have some "me" time.

•Knowing what I'm going to make for dinner and best case scenario, having dinner started early in the day really helps me. The evenings can be busy and if I already know what I'm making or have it ready to go in the oven or in the crock pot, it makes our evening so much more peaceful.

•Taking a shower. I'll just be honest.....I don't shower every single day because sometimes it just isn't worth the hassle but when I do, I feel so much better. While Paisley is taking a morning nap, I tuck Judah into our bed, put the child door lock on the inside of the door (so, he can't go around the house and get into mischief), then I turn on Barney and take a quick shower. I can see him watching Barney from the bathroom and it works.

•Playing good music. I love the way music changes the way I feel.

There are many other things that "work" right now and also many things that I wish went more more smoothly. It helps to remember the things that are working for me and go back to them when I feel like life is getting too chaotic.

Here are two pictures I took this morning of my sweet girl. I can't believe she's almost 5 months.


  1. Dear are very smart to do a strategic "what works for me" personal list on your blog
    (1) it helps others to see what works for you and to see the wisdom of writing out your thoughts.
    (2) We all get such dry skin in the winter time and it is better not to shower every single day...unless you live where it is really necessary!
    (3) I love you!!!!

  2. Angela, thanks for sharing your success stories! I love playing music to set or change the mood of the house... very calming and uplifting. And as for the shower, I am totally in the same boat! Showers have become a treat! So funny because I used to be an everyday shower person... ha.


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