Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Judah's first time picking out a library book

This morning, after Paisley's first nap, we headed out to go do a few errands. One of our stops was to go by the library and pick up my book that had been waiting there for way too long. I love the library but, I've never checked out books for Judah because we already have a ridiculous amount of books at our house that have been given to us.

The nice library lady asked us if we'd like to check out any other books, besides the one that was on hold for me. I decided that we'd stay for awhile and look around. Judah got to play on the kids computer and we found a couple books to take home for him.

He was so excited about this tractor book. Really, finding this book for him and seeing him carefully carry it to the car has been the highlight of my day. We read it before nap time and we talked about the computer at the library. He had so much fun there. I don't care how many other books we already have, going to the library, playing on the computer and coming home with some fun books is definitely all about the experience.


  1. My kids love, love, love the library. It's always an adventure. And we too have lots and lots of books at home. But I love new ones to read to them!

  2. How wonderful that Judah has discovered the library! Oh, we love the library, and it started about the time the kids were Judah's age -- well, maybe a little bit older, but Judah's certainly a great age for this!

  3. I just think you are a great Mommy Angela. How fun for Judah to pick out a book at the library, makes me inspired to take Noah sometime!

  4. Dear Angela...I enjoyed dropping by today and experiencing Judah's enthusiasm over "his" library book about tractors! very wonderful!
    Love, Mom


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