Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playing dress up and playing with couch cushions

Tomorrow, a photographer friend of mine is going to take pictures of Judah and Paisley. I'm super excited but, I hope it goes well because photographing an active 2 year old boy can be a challenge. She's really good though so,  I'm sure it'll be great. I was gathering outfits for the kids to bring and I decided to put Paisley in this dress for the first time to see how it fits. Oh, I just love it. It's a hand me down from the same friend and I think that it just looks like it was made for Paisley.

Recently, I've learned something about kids that I just love. They all like to take couch cushions off the couch and use them for various things and they come up with this all on their own! Judah has recently taken to removing the cushion from the big chair, standing on it and then jumping off and running (I didn't teach him this!). The chair is pretty old and he has so much fun so, I couldn't care less. I love that he comes up with this stuff all on his own.

I love this picture because it just captures how Judah is right now. He spilled water on his shirt and didn't want to put on another one so, he is shirt-less. He has special shoes that he only wears inside. When he puts these shoes on, he goes into character. He runs faster and has more spunk.
Action shot of running off the cushion. He makes me smile.

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  1. What a FUN and creative blog! I think your "thinking outside the box" is really great... those cushions are so fun for kids. David and I used to tip over an ottoman in our living room and make it into a rocking horse! I agree that dress is perfect for Paisley Rae.
    Have fun at your photo shoot !!


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