Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rolling Paisley

We are a little sleepy around here today. Paisley has been a pretty good sleeper but, last night she kept on rolling from her back onto her tummy in her sleep, waking herself up and then getting mad that she can't roll back over to her back.

I was up retreiving her off of her tummy...... a lot. I think I was up at least 5 times but, I can't even remember. All I know is that everytime I heard her crying and I went to check on her, she had rolled onto her tummy and pinned herself into a corner of her crib. She's great at putting herself to sleep but, I can't just let her cry if she's stranded on her stomach.

It's one of those things that I know is just a phase but, it's still hard to deal with. In my opinion, she's not old enough to start sleeping on her stomach and she's not comfy their anyway. She likes sleeping on her back but, she just keeps on flipping over and then getting mad about it.

Have any of you ever experianced this with your babies?
I'm hoping she gets past this phase soon.


  1. Yes! Cade has actually been doing this lately. He is almost ready to crawl and so he is moving a lot more at night. While he knows how to roll over both ways, for some reason, I have found him crying on his tummy too. He also has been getting his feet stuck in the bars of the crib. :( It's a hard stage. He doesn't do it every night, but more frequently of late. I think he will just have to figure out that he can move himself back into a comfortable position... not sure how long that will take as he is our first! :) Good luck! I hope she sleeps well tonight!

  2. Thanks Rachelle- I'm glad you can understand!Paisley is way more active than Judah so, we never experianced this with him when he was her age.
    When Judah was about 8 months, he would push up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth and cry. Then he would just lay down and go to sleep. I think I worried about it for like a few days but, he figured it out really fast. Hopefully Cade will be the same way.
    I'm wishing today (with my coffee in hand), that Paisley wasn't so active already. :)

  3. Just had a friend blog about her child's "inactivity" and how it is a developmental concern. I know how hard it is to go without sleep or without INTERRUPTED sleep. (Gracie got me up at least four times in just the last few hours of this night/morning.) But how exciting that P is hitting all those milestones! Glad you have coffee in hand! You are such a good mommy!


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