Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday night rambling

Tonight I am tired, more tired than normal. It's no one's fault but my own. I often don't go to bed early enough. I enjoy the quiet and peacefulness of the evening after Judah and Paisley are in bed. They both sleep great so, it's not their fault that I feel tired. Actually, I just went and checked on them and they are sleeping so sweetly. Sometimes when I check on them, I just want to climb into the crib.

Paisley wakes up before Judah in the morning. I feed her and then we go get him. He likes to have Paisley lay in his crib with him for a couple minutes before he gets out. He holds her hand and says "holding hands"!

Paisley is a little over 4 months now. When Judah was this age, we started giving him a little rice cereal mixed with pumped milk. I've been thinking that I might not start Paisley on solids quite as early and when I do start, it might not be rice cereal. There's some good research out there that shows homemade fruit or veggie purees are possibly better that starting with just a plain cereal.

I made most of Judah's baby food and it was something that I really enjoyed doing.  Here is a post I had written about it. I loved opening the freezer and seeing big bags of frozen baby food. It's going to be fun with Paisley because her main baby food months will be during the summer so, there should be all sorts of fun things in season.

I really want to have a big garden this year but, we are currently house shopping so, it's hard to know what to plan for. I'm just hoping that will find our new home before it's too late to create a garden space. I love the idea of working out in the garden with Judah. Well, to be honest, I love gardening but, I hate snakes so, that part freaks me out.

Ok, no more talking about snakes. Time for me to have some sweet dreams. Good night!


  1. Dear Angela...I loved seeing the "holding hands" picture and reading your blog this evening. I hope you are having sweet dreams by now. You might start a container garden on your deck until you move. You can grow lots of food that way!
    Love, Mom

  2. I think I could get into gardening if I didn't have to think about snakes. I just don't want to try because I don't want to risk the snakes...


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