Saturday, March 19, 2011

This boy.....

This boy loves to play outside. Sometimes I play outside with him, other times I watch him carefully from inside the door.

I peek my head out to see how he's doing, he looks at me and says "bye, bye" because he's afraid that I want him to come back inside. Yet, whenever he's about to go down the slide or he's doing something that he's proud of, he always looks to make sure I'm watching.

He gathers rocks in a red measuring cup. He gathers dandelions in his wagon. He gathers lots of dirt with his dump trucks and makes piles of pine cones.

I watch him walk around the yard and see how happy he is just playing with the simplest of things. I fold warm laundry on the table while I watch him play. I check on him and again, he smiles and says "bye, bye!". Paisley wakes up from her nap and I sit and feed her by the door. The house is completely quiet. The only noises I can hear are the birds outside and Judah talking to himself while he goes around the yard. The silence of the house and the peaceful noises from outside are perfect. The air in the house is cold because the door is open but, the house smells fresh like spring.

Judah has dirt on his forehead, dirt under his nails and on his clothes but, I think it's good. He's playing like a little boy and he's having fun.


  1. Dear Angela...this entry gave me little twinkle tears of joy. I think you have captured some of the sweetest experiences in life here.
    Thank you...keep up the good work!'
    Love, Mom

  2. cute little man. Following from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back.
    God Bless,
    < a href="">Finding My Life in Faith< /a>

  3. He's a cutie!

    I'm stopping by from the weekend hops to follow and say hello.
    Have a great rest of your weekend.

  4. Beautiful weekend weather to be outside. My kids played out today with Daddy and LOVED. LOVED. LOVED it!

  5. Beautiful post, Angela... You captured it so beautifully, it makes me feel as if I had been sitting there with you. What an amazing way to experience your child! Thanks for sharing your (and Judah's) spring day in the yard!

  6. Children belong outside, I did it, my children did it....I was happiest when we were all outside (I had 5)'s children are inside too much in front of the tv, video, computer, etc. Enjoy your child and explore the outside...they grow up so fast....and somehow the laundry will wait for you. lol


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