Monday, March 28, 2011

You know you have a two year old boy when....

You hear yourself saying "Good job Bud, scoop more dirt!"

You sit down to feed the baby and a Thomas the Train whistle goes off under your rear.

You look out in the yard and see the picnic table being rolled across the yard. (pictures below)

While you're shopping alone at Target, you see a Barney DVD about Firetrucks. You get so excited about this because you know your boy is going to love it! Of course, you buy it.

You yell out the door for Rosie, the dog, to give him back his stick. He was "playing the drums".

Your son tells you that he's going to go poop in the closet. You ask him if he'd like to sit on his potty chair and he frantically responds with "no, thank you! no thank you!"

You go in to cover him at night and see his long legs sticking out the end of the crib. You start to think it might be time to shop for a twin bed.

Your heart melts when you hear him calling his sister "sweet pea". Minutes later, you are explaining that it is NOT okay to kick little "sweet pea".

You realize that you haven't held him while he was sleeping in so long and it makes your heart ache a little.
Picnic table rolling


  1. Aaaahhhh... our lovely children!
    Great post! I was cracking up, LOL!

  2. Totally made me smile! Sweet post.

  3. Hi Angela - I know I am a little late reading this and responding but I must tell you this particular post IS SO FUNNY! I LOVE your "list" and the pictures of Judah pushing the table all around the yard almost made me pee my pants! Love you! :)


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