Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Documenting Daily Life

Today was a busy and fun day. I'm tired and ready for bed but first, I want to quickly jot down a few things about our day.

This morning we did a few things around the house and got ready to have some of my family over that we only get to see twice a year. They spend half of the year in southern California and the other half of the year in Alaska. In between locations, they come to our area and it's so wonderful to see them. I wish we saw them more because they are truly such amazing people. My uncle is a retired pastor and the way they love Jesus shines through them so brightly.  I wish Judah and Paisley could get to know them better.

After they left, Sally and her boys hung around for awhile longer and Levi napped in Judah's crib. When Levi woke up, Judah and Noah were taking turns kissing him on his head. They come up with this stuff all on their own. I just love it!
Of course, big brothers, that are two years old, need to be reminded constantly to be gentle. Sally had to remind Noah to not squeeze too hard.

This morning, I had to remind Judah to not swing Paisley's swing. You should see the way she looks at him's total love.
Paisley goes to bed a little earlier than Judah does and we always read a couple books with her before I feed her for the last time. Then Jeremiah does some more stories with Judah before his bedtime. Tonight, Jeremiah took a few pictures of me reading to Paisley. I love documenting what normal life is like. I also love how her little hand is on my face.


  1. Before you even said anything about the hand on your face I saw it. Gracie used to do that to me all the time. She still does it occasionally, but nothing like she used to. I miss it. Wish I had a picture like that one :)

  2. I am your newest follower from Social Moms. Look forward to checking the blog out! Have a great night.
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