Saturday, April 23, 2011


Tonight I feel like I have so many different things that I could write about. I could write about how my husband stayed home with our babies today and I got to go clothes shopping all alone. I could write about the decorated Easter cookies that I made today and how I finally found a recipe that I love for sugar cookies. I could write about how Paisley is 6 months old today and how amazing life with her is. I could write about our Easter plans for tomorrow but, instead I need to write about how Fritz went to be with a new family today.

Over the last few months, we've started having issues with Fritz digging out of our yard and running around the neighborhood. It was way to dangerous and he could get hit by a car so, we decided that we needed to look into finding him another home. He needed a home where he would be part of the family more than he was here and a home that will take the time and money commitment to get him properly groomed. He needed more attention than we could give him.

We found an awesome family that is going to give him a great home. They are going to stay in touch with us and they said that we can come visit anytime. I feel so blessed that God provided a home for him that was better than what I expected to find.

Tonight they came and got him and their daughter even brought Judah a cute present. I cried when they left with him and I've cried off and on all evening. I know it's for his best but, my heart hurts. I also worry about how it will affect Judah. Right now, he is into his new toys and he hasn't really noticed that Fritz is gone. I hope it won't be too hard to explain it to him. I feel so sad right now but, I know we did the right thing.

Here are a few pictures Jeremiah took of Fritz and I tonight before they came to get him.


  1. God will fill the gap as you have done a very loving thing for Fritz and your family...and his new family too. Judah will understand also.

    I know it hurts. Love you, Mom

  2. the cookies were the best ever!!!


  3. So sorry, Angela! :( We are actually talking about getting rid of one of our dogs too. He, like Fritz, is not getting the attention he needs. I know I will cry too! It's hard, but I'm sure it will be the best decision for your family and for Fritz. I hope you find comfort and peace. Hugs!


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