Monday, April 18, 2011

Not your average naptime songs

Everday, before naptime and beditme, Judah and I sing songs together. Here are some of his favorites, all sang to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus".

The bulldozer carries garbage, carries garbage, carries garbage,
The bull dozer carries garbage,
At the dump!

The firetruck has a siren, has a siren, has a siren,
The firetruck has a siren,
Whrroooo whrrroooo whrooooo

The loader has a bucket, has a bucket, has a bucket,
The loader has a bucket,
To move dirt!

Judah drives a work van, work van, work van,
Judah drives a work van
To Fred Meyer!

I could go on and on with the funny stuff he asks me to sing about. A few years ago, I never would've thought that I'd be singing about excavators, fork lifts, loaders, fire trucks, work van's, Daddy's car and many, many others.

And just for fun, here a couple recent pictures of Paisley:


  1. Gracie is always telling me, "No sing, Mommy". She already cares that I don't have a great voice :( At least she still wants to be cuddled.

  2. She is so cute!! My 3 year old wants to sing by herself and loves that routine before sleeping
    New GFC follower from social mom.
    Have a great day

  3. Cute I'm Following you on GFC from Social Moms Blog Hop


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