Monday, April 25, 2011

Paisley Rae is 6 months!

Dear Paisley,
Yesterday you turned 6 months old. You are such a precious and sweet girl and I'm so blessed to be your mommy. I love watching you smile at Judah in the back seat of the car, I love how you laugh when I blow raspberries on your tummy and I love your big blue eyes that don't want to miss a thing. Ever since you were a tiny newborn, people have commented on how alert you are, you really are aware of everything that is going on around you.

Here's what you are up to:
We gave you your first tastes of solid food awhile ago but, it's been a really slow start. You still just have a little bit of solids while we eat dinner and you don't have a very big amount. You still prefer nursing and you nurse about every 3 hours during the day.
We start your bedtime at 7pm every night. You get changed into your jammies then we read you a story or two, then I feed you and you go to bed. You often sleep a 9hr stretch, eat and then go back to sleep until around 7am. You are a pretty good night sleeper.
Naps are a bit of a struggle. You fight your sleep so badly sometimes. You can be so tired and when I put you down, you just play in your crib. You are a very busy girl and getting you to nap can be hard. We have good phases with your naps but, lately it's been rough. I'm hoping it gets better soon!
Today I noticed that you have your first tooth and it feels like the one next to it will be in soon! You are so cute with your new little tooth.
I have no idea how much you weigh or how long you are. I'll find out when I take you for your 6 month doctor appointment. You fit into some 6 month clothes but, 9 months is starting to fit you the best.
You are rolling around like crazy! You can roll from your tummy to back and back to tummy. You also push yourself around with your arms. If you see something that you really want on the floor, you'll roll to it or push yourself over there.

You are beyond precious and we love you so much! Judah often calls you "baby girl" or "little one". It's so cute. He just adores you. We love, love, love you!


  1. very cute baby. I love the dress

  2. I love you Paisley Rae!!

    Grandma Irene


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