Thursday, April 21, 2011

Staying Organized

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for "Show us your life Friday's". The theme is "Tips on Staying Organized"and a few of you know that organizing makes me happy. I believe that people who are organized, actually have more time to do other things they enjoy. For example, if you have a place that you ALWAYS keep your shoes, when it's time to leave, you won't spend the 10 minutes looking for that silly shoe and you'll save yourself the embarrassment of showing up late because you couldn't find your child's favorite shoe. That's just a random example that I thought of but, you get that idea.

I'm not the most organized person in the world but, I'd say that I'm more organized than average. Here are a few of my tips.
•Get organized and then STAY organized. Start with a small area, clean it out and completely organize it in a way that is functional for you. When you are going through that area, have labeled piles: thrift store, trash, goes somewhere else, put back away. Finish one small area at a time. It's more do-able that way and the sense of accomplishment will help you continue your organizing journey.
•Constantly put things back where they go. Have a place for everything and spend time each day putting things back in their place. I get overwhelmed fairly easily so, I never let my house become a complete disaster because then I might get too overwhelmed to do anything about it.
•If you're heading down the hallway to the bedroom and there's something that needs to go down to the bedroom, pick it up and take it with you. Put it away. It's just that easy and it only takes a minute. Stay on top of the clutter and it'll never get out of control.
•Do your dishes. I try to do the dishes throughout the day but, it doesn't always happen perfectly. Some days, there are some dishes in the sink and that's alright. However, we never go to bed with a sink full of dishes and that works for us. Waking up to a clean kitchen is a good way to start the day. Also, if you can keep up with the dishes during the day, it makes it less of a chore after dinner.
•Touch your pieces of mail only once. This is one that I learned from my never-been-married uncle. When he gets the mail, immediately he puts everything where it goes (recycle, bills to pay, newspapers etc.). Jeremiah usually brings the mail in with him when he gets home and I spend just a minute or two quickly going through it and putting everything where it goes. This eliminates having a pile of mail on the counter and a chance of loosing bills or the pile getting big and ugly.
•Do some laundry everyday. I either wash and fold or put away laundry almost everyday of the week. If I do a little bit everyday, it doesn't seem so bad. This way it never gets out of control and I don't have to spend a day doing laundry.
•Do a little cleaning everyday. I don't have a set cleaning schedule or anything but, most days I either vacuum, clean a bathroom, dust the living room or do some sort of cleaning. Today it was our master bathroom. When you do a small amount of cleaning everyday, it helps you keep on top of it.

I could continue my rambling but, I'll leave it with my top 5 tips.
1. Have a place for everything and put everything in it's place.
2. Keep up on your laundry and housework by doing a little bit everyday.
3. Only touch each piece of mail once. Immediately put your mail where it belongs.
4. If you're walking to a different room, take something with you that belongs there and put it away.
5. Make a reasonable list each day of things you want to accomplish. I make a list for the week of major things I need to get done and then I make a list for each day. Make these lists have a reasonable amount of to-dos on them so, that you can feel the sense of accomplishment from finishing your list.


  1. Great advice and totally doable!

  2. Great Advice! I have the same opinions about things. It always makes you feel better to wake up to a picked up house and clean kitchen. I'm not a follower!

  3. Great advice! :) I am following your blog! :) Erin

  4. I love the touch mail only once tip. I tend to let it pile up.

  5. You've got some great ideas here!! I've been trying to teach my girls that it doesn't matter if it's yours or not, if you see it's out of place put it where it belongs. It's really not that hard! I do it ALL day!!
    Hope your weekend is going great!

  6. I'm blog hopping and found yours! I'm now following! Fun post!!Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!


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