Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunshine + Exercise = Happy Me

I'm a girl that loves to have a plan. I'm also a girl that's totally ok with my plan changing, if there's a better plan. The plan for this morning was for Judah, Paisley and I to head out to buy groceries and Easter outfits.Well, my sister texted me this morning and asked if we'd like to go walking with her and some other friends. The sun was shining and we all know I need exercise so, we bagged the shopping trip. Groceries and cute Easter clothes can wait.

Judah rode in the stroller and Paisley was in the Ergo. They were happy babies and the sun felt great, even though it was pretty chilly outside. I'm happy that when Judah was a baby, we always went for stroller walks so, he's used to it and he actually likes riding in the stroller. Getting out and walking has never been an option for him so, he doesn't complain at all. Now, I just need to get a nice double stroller to use when I was walk with both of them.

Later in the week we'll go do our shopping but for today, the sunshine and exercise was what I needed. Sometimes it's good to skip the "to-dos" and go for the fun instead.


  1. You made a good choice1 Time with sister and friends is way better than all the other stuff. (not to mention the sunshine)

    Love you....happy spring, Mom

  2. Totally agree that sometimes the best plan is to skip the original plan and go with something refreshing! Sounds like the walk was fun! I'm hoping next year when I have two in school Gracie and I will do some of this walking together.


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