Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WordWorld: Get Up and Move

Last Saturday when I went out to grab our mail, I was super excited to find this DVD, "Get Up and Move" waiting for me in the mail box. I'll admit that since I became a mother of two little ones, Judah watches a little more of his shows than he used to. Before Paisley, he didn't hardly watch TV but, then we had her and when I sit and feed her, sometimes I just need something to keep him out of mischief.

Yesterday after his nap, I decided that I'd sit down with him and we'd put on our new movie called "Get Up and Move". I really didn't know what to expect since I'd never seen a movie directed by WordWorld. Seriously, I was so surprised by how fun this movie is. Super cute animated animals teach about words and letters. The songs were Judah's favorite part and the story line cracked me up.

After watching about half of the movie with Judah, I could tell that it was a "safe" movie that he could watch without me. I'm very picky about what he sees and let's face it, not all animated movies are clean enough for kids. This movie is totally clean and fun for kids. Judah is two and I think this is the kind of movie that even a young elementary age child could enjoy. The animals teach about building words so, if your child is going to be watching TV, this is a great DVD to watch.

Some examples of the storyline are:
Sheep's First Bike Ride
Bear and Sheep learn to build the word "bike" but it takes some perseverance for Sheep to learn how to ride this new WordThing.

Dog's Having a Party!
Dog and Duck want to throw a party at Dog's house. With the help of Sheep, they learn that "H" is the perfect party letter. They can make hotdogs, hats, and hula hoops. Hurray!

This DVD can be purchased through Amazon and I also suggest checking out the WordWorld website with your kids. The website is really interactive and fun.

***This DVD was given to me by WordWorld in exchange for this product review. This review was written by me and these opinions are my own. Thank you WordWorld for the opportunity.


  1. very nice and interesting. glad to hear there is "good" material like this.

    Love. Mom

  2. Thanks Mom! You'll have to watch it with Judah sometime. Love you!

  3. Just stopping by from the UBP2011! I can't wait to keep up with reading your honest and thoughtful posts. It is reassuring to know you can always be surprised by the good out there.

    We've just started blogging this September. I'll be following and I'd love if you followed back as well!






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