Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birthday Celebration Pictures

Many years ago, around 8am in the morning, my Mom became a mother. I am her first born, the baby that she had asked God for many years to have, while she struggled with not being able to get pregnant. It's a strange thought, to think that she prayed for five years to have a baby and then God gave her me.

So, today we celebrated my Birthday and my family made it such a special day. Judah and Paisley both woke up earlier than normal today but, Jeremiah got up with them and let me sleep longer. I woke up to Judah saying "Happy Birthday Mommy!". Then Jeremiah made us all pineapple pancakes for breakfast. They gave me this sweet card and some other fun things. I'm really excited about the rosemary, thyme and lavender plants I got for our new house!

My sister planned a Birthday party for me. I so appreciate all her hard work. It's not easy putting on a Birthday party when you have two little ones!
It was actually sunny today so, we got to spend some time outside. We've had so much rain lately, we really need some good days of sunshine!

Sally makes me an ice cream Birthday cake every year and this year's was the best so far. Her cakes are amazing! I ate way too much today!
Everything about her ice cream cake is perfect and she doesn't even use a recipe.

Noah loved the cake. He was going around to everybody trying to get a bite of their cake. I love this precious nephew!
 Pondering how he can get more cake...
This picture perfectly shows what everyday life with Paisley is like. Paisley is a face and hair grabber. She has little claws and she grabs and doesn't let go. Sometimes it hurts but, it's also sweet.
I feel really blessed to have a wonderful family to celebrate my Birthday with. Even though it's sometimes pretty chaotic with all the little kids, we still are managing to make such sweet memories. Judah and Noah were having a pretty hard time getting along today but, that's just how it goes and I know that they really love each other. Thank you family for making it such a great day!

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  1. Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL day! You more than deserve it! Happy Birthday, Angela! Here's to a 'new year' filled with love and blessings!


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