Monday, May 2, 2011

Brightly colored flowers

A friend of mine is going to be having a baby girl soon so, tonight I got busy making some flowers to put on headbands for her new babe.

I've been making flowers for awhile we supplies that I already had floating around but, I finally gave in and picked up a few things at Michael's.

I just love, love, love these bright colors. Something about bright colors energizes me and makes me so happy.

Pull the plastic backing off the flower and rearrange the petals to create a new flower. I like to put the petals from two flowers together to mix the colors. Start stitching the button on from the back.
Now, all I need to do is hot glue these onto some clips.
I'm leaving this post with this picture of Paisley. I found this hat at our MOPS consignment sale. So stink'n cute. I think she'll be wearing this a lot this summer.


  1. Oh Paisley Rae is such a bundle of cuteness!!\Yes, those colors are so brilliant and energizing. Makes me feel like I'm on vacation in some warm climate with huge flowers and lots of sunshine!!
    Yay!! Mom

  2. Love those flowers! And love the hat. Makes me smile, seeing things that my girls used to wear. LOVE it!


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