Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day-First family trip to the zoo

Yesterday was Mother's Day. To celebrate, we headed to the zoo for the first time as a family. Jeremiah and I went there many years ago for Valentine's Day but, we hadn't taken Judah (or Paisley) there yet. Jeremiah got up early and made me breakfast and then we packed a lunch and headed out.

Judah was really excited about all the animals. He kept on saying "Wow!" over and over. It was so cute to see him having so much fun.
We saw bears......
We saw elephants....
Judah really wanted to ride on this gorilla's back.
I love Hippos. I think they are so cute!
This picture speaks for itself. We had a great time and we were all pretty tired afterwards.
It was a great Mother's Day. I'm so thankful for my children and I feel so blessed. Jeremiah made my day so special and it meant so much to me. 


  1. SO cool! I wish we lived close to a zoo. It is about an hour away. The boys would LOVE it. Hope you had a great mothers day:)

  2. wow
    so fun to see your photos and hear of your great Mother's Day!!
    Love, Mom

  3. So awesome! Happy Mother's Day!
    Ah, this makes me remember the happy days when i lived in a city with a zoo! :-)
    sweet, sweet, sweet!


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