Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Second Child Sleep Challenges

Right now, one of my biggest challenges during the day with my children is getting Paisley to take good naps. You might be thinking that if that is one of my biggest problems, my life must be pretty awesome because getting your child to nap isn't such a big deal. To me however, it matters and it's difficult right now. You see, Paisley gets tired like all babies do, I wrap her up, sing her a song or two, she starts looking drowsy....I put her down and she starts playing. I leave her room in hopes that she will go to sleep because I know she is tired but, she doesn't sleep or cry, she plays. She plays with her bumper, she chews on her toes, she makes cute little noises, she fights her sleep and she plays. It can go on for an hour before she even starts to fuss.

She's a pretty good night time sleeper but, this napping thing is a bit of a problem. When Judah was her age, we had a lot less going on and I made an effort to be around the house for most of his nap times. I'd put him down and he didn't have a problem resting. I don't feel like I have much consistency with Paisley's naps though and it's bothering me. Sure, in the big picture, this isn't the hugest deal but, I would like a little more consistency. I think it's better for me and better for her. She would be more rested and the atmosphere in our home would be better because I wouldn't be frustrated from trying to get her to nap all day (while taking care of a two year old).

Every mom has their own way of doing things. Some moms are content to put their kids in the car, go run around and let the kids nap. That doesn't work for me and it's ok. Judah is an amazing sleeper and napper and I know it's not a coincidence. He has always been on a good routine and it has paid off. He is 2 and he actually asks to go take a nap in his crib. I love that! The boy likes to feel rested and sleeping isn't a battle with him. Children can be taught to be good sleepers, in most cases it's not just a coincidence.

I'm just not sure how to create the balance with two kids....running around and having fun, being spontaneous and going and doing. Yet, still teaching Paisley how to be a good napper and having some consistency with her day time sleep. Sure I could just stay home all day, everyday but, that wouldn't be any fun. There has got to be a balance, I'm just not quite sure what that balance is.

If any moms of two or more read this and have words of wisdom, feel free to share them!


  1. sure hope this gets resolved for you soon. Sounds like it must be a small but consistent challenge which can be draining.

    Love you, Mom

  2. I don't know how much wisdom I have to share, but I did struggle with the same thing, but for me it was with baby three. I got less scheduled and it DID affect them.

    The only thing that worked for me was making myself be home by nap time EVERY day (except Saturdays which we paid for on Sunday and sometimes still on Mondays). You just have to decide what is most important and REMEMBER THIS IS A SEASON.

    It isn't that I didn't leave the house. I just did my errands in the morning instead of letting it spill into the afternoon. It's a season that does go faster than you think it will.

  3. I know... MORE???

    I often invited people to my house for play dates instead of going there. And it doesn't hurt to say when you invite, "Why don't you come at ten, then our kids will have plenty of time to play before we have them home for their naps at ____"

  4. Cami,
    How did you handle the morning naps for the younger child while still needing to go to errands/visiting etc? We are used to always being home in the afternoon for naptime but, Paisley still needs her morning nap. I think it's going to be easier when we move and we are closer to things like grocery stores etc. It's so hard being far away from everything.

  5. Angela - I am very scheduled (where my babies were concerned)and when Wyatt was an "only" you could seriously set your watch to his sleeping and napping schedule. When Makenna came along it became obvious pretty early that this child was different. She seemed to not need as much sleep and consistently woke sooner and took shorter naps than Wyatt had at the same age. At 5 now she can't stand to not be a part of things and is almost always my first riser in the mornings. I would say... if you are home and try to be home more than you are not when those naps times roll around and just remember that it is "just sleep" and in the grand scheme of things pretty minor. They will sleep when they do... that is just what babies do. At times i remember just wanting to make it happen because that was what was on the list... you know? When Luke cam around... forget about it... he was a really good baby sleeper like Wyatt had been but for the sake of life, his siblings and family commitments... he had to go with the flow. When ever I could we were home and a scheduled nap schedule is what hje got... he of course had to nap a lot in the car especially those morning ones... we all came out mostly smiling on the ends of those stages... I am sure you will too! You are a great mom Angela!


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