Sunday, May 1, 2011


The weather here has finally been sunny and yesterday we visited the tulips. It was so fun!

 Paisley had a little nap while we walked around. I joked with Jeremiah that when she's older and she looks back at pictures of her when she was a baby, she's going to wonder why she was always in the carrier and you can hardly see her face in any of our pictures.

 Such a pretty baby!

This is what it looks like when we are trying to get a good picture of both Judah and Paisley at the same time.

 You can't go to the tulips with out going to Snow Goose. Well, you could but, that just wouldn't be right!!!
 While we sat and ate our ice cream, Judah kept on saying "this is so fun!"
Tulips 2010
 Judah is so small and SO cute!
 Tulips 2009
On our way home from the tulips, Judah and Paisley were looking at each other in the back seat and making each other laugh. It was so precious to hear them laughing together. Then Judah started saying "loves you" over and over to Paisley.  Seriously, sweetest thing ever!


  1. Your photos are so beautiful. It's so nice that you have annual family tulip outings!
    Love, Mom

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    God bless!



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