Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Less computer time for me

The other night I was reading one of my favorite blogs. The writer was talking about how she wants to enjoy her summer and not spend so much time on the computer or watching T.V. She wants to spend more time outside with her family, spending time with her friends and simply living life!

When I read her post, I felt like it was something that I could've written myself. See, I've spent a lot LESS time on the computer lately and it's actually been great. I've been getting so much more done and I want to continue to spend less time online throughout the summer. It's not that blogging and facebook are a bad thing, I just want to spend more time living and less time on here. I think about the way my mom was when she was a stay at home mom with 2 young girls. She wasn't checking facebook throughout the day. We actually didn't even have a computer until I was in middle school. My mom and her friends talked to each other on the phone and they got together and spent time with their kids, often.

I'm sure I'll still be blogging plenty. Life is exciting and I love writing about daily life with my children. I just hope to spend the summer spending more time with friends and playing with my precious babies.

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  1. Understand! I think I just need to pick 1 or 2 specific times each day to check email, facebook, etc. My "grazing" on the computer through out the day adds up!

    Have a great summer!



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