Thursday, June 2, 2011

My boy and his dog

The last few days, I've been able to tell that moving to a different home has been a little bit hard on Judah. It makes me feel sad to see him having a hard time. I can tell that he misses the old house a little. He thrives on routine and change can be hard sometimes! Even though buying a house is a positive thing, it still has it's challenges.

With all the change, I've noticed that Judah is really clinging to Rosie, our dog. He is super attached to her right now. He always wants to be with her and wonders where she is if she isn't at his side. I'm so glad he has her and that she's so patient with him. She's been by his side since the beginning.
Here they are when Judah was just a baby:

The other day I saw that Judah was sitting out on the deck with his arm around Rosie. He sat by her and talked to her for awhile. All the boxes were surrounding them and it melted my heart to see him being so loving with her. It was pretty symbolic to see all the boxes around and see that Rosie is something stable for Judah, amongst the change.
These pictures aren't very good because I was spying on them with my camera from inside the kitchen. It's weird, writing this post is making me feel sad. Maybe I'm feeling a touch guilty for making Judah miss his old home? I know he likes it here but, it's hard being 2 years old and having your environment totally change. I better go peek on my babies and get some sleep.

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