Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Tuesday in a nutshell

It's true, life goes by so much faster with little ones. I know that someday, it's going to be hard for me to remember what daily life was like when Judah was 2 and Paisley was 7 months. For that reason, I'm so glad I have a little notebook that I write cute and funny stuff in that Judah and Paisley do. I'm also glad that I blog about our normal life.

Today was pretty normal day. We did breakfast (Judah and I had our oatmeal together), a few chores around the house and Paisley took her morning nap. After that, we headed over to Sally's house to have a little visit. Judah was in undies all morning while we were at home and he went on his potty chair really well. He also had a few accidents but, that's to be expected. I was brave and put him in the car to go to Sally's in his undies. He was dry when we got there but, he got upset and wanted to play with toys and not use the potty chair so, I put him in a diaper while we were there. I'm thinking we're just going to use the potty chair while we're at home for awhile.

After our little visit, we came home and while Judah and Paisley napped, I did a few things around the house. Paisley woke from her nap early and I was feeling a like I had a long evening ahead of me because Jeremiah was going to go golfing after work. I ended up heading out with the kids and we spent the early evening getting some errands done. They really are great shoppers *most of the time* and we had fun.

This evening, after I put Paisley to bed and I read Judah his stories, Judah and I had the most fun together that we've had in awhile. We  layed on my bed and talked and talked for a long time. It was so special to spend that one on one time with him and talk about the day together. He amazes me with the way that he can carry on a conversation now with full sentences. We layed there for so long talking and it was like neither one of us was thinking about anything else. I tend to always think about what I need to do next and not just "be in the moment" so, it was refreshing to spend such quality time with my precious boy. Plus, I sometimes feel like he "likes" Daddy better and that I'm just the Mommy. I know that may sound weird but, that's how I feel sometimes even if it's not the truth.

After they were in bed, I went out and watered. We have so many more plants in our yard now and although it's not perfect and we still have a lot to do, the yard is coming together. When we moved in, there wasn't a single plant. Now we've planted 4 trees, 3 rhododendrons and a bunch of flowers. We've stumbled upon amazing sales so, that's been fun also. It always seems more rewarding to find something that's a super deal.

So, that was our day in a nutshell. Oh, I almost forgot to mention my yellow flowers in my yellow laundry room. This morning I was walking by and I saw how the sun was shining on the flowers in the window. I thought it was beautiful.


  1. The picture of yellow flowers framed in yellow is stunning!
    Your blog is a blessing!

    Yes, that personal visiting time with one of your children is very precious!

    Love, Mom

  2. Loved hearing about your special time with J. Those conversations are so precious. Daniel and I keep having those because he has his own room. It's harder to carve out special time with EACH of the girls.

    Love you laundry room flowers! Lovely!


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