Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A post I loved from SouleMama

Awhile back, a friend shared a blog that she loves to read and I was instantly hooked. SouleMama is the kind of blog that leaves me feeling inspired to be a better mother after I read it. We can all fall into the trap of feeling inferior or inadequate but, I never get those negative feelings from that blog.

I read something on SouleMama the other day that I wanted to share. It really touched me and reminded me to listen to my mothering instinct. I find it so easy to get too busy with things that don't really matter and I forget to slow down and really enjoy the days of being a stay at home mommy to my young children. It's also so easy to compare how different families function and wonder if I'm not measuring up.

This article reminded me that God gave me my children, specifically for me. God has given me and will continue to give me the wisdom to mother my children. It's a beautiful thing if you really think about it.....God made our children uniquely and we were created to be their parents! I guess that's a beautiful and overwhelming thought because our responsibility is so large.

Here are some pieces of the article that spoke to me. You can read the entire thing here.
"I sat in the hospital room and cried. Mixed with overwhelming awe at this tiny life suddenly made visible and holdable, came such an emotionally exhausting challenge. I could not get my baby to breastfeed. With each change of shifts, a new nurse would enter my room with a completely different way of doing things--football hold, cradle hold, let her sleep at your breast, never let her fall asleep.

I grew weary as I waded through unknown, uncharted waters and had no idea which path I should travel down. Who I should trust. Which advice I should heed. Everyone had a different approach.

A few days later when we finally settled back into our home, tired and tearful, I called my mom.
"Trust yourself." she told me. "You'll know what's best."

There is so much information available to me, to us, about how to mother. So many approaches and philosophies. And so many of them sound right and healthy. If I'm not careful, I find myself questioning the path that I've taken, thinking that perhaps, all along, it was the wrong path and that there's another one that's smoother and easier and has better scenery.

It is in those moments when my own voice is hard to hear. When it is but a whisper.

I still have so much to learn. I see my grandmother in the way I move about my kitchen. I see my mother in the way I rally my girls for chores or carry a baby on my hip out to the garden to snip spinach.

I take wisdom from a phone call with a friend. I scribble a few lines in my journal from a book by Wendell Berry. I tack a Bible verse on my bathroom mirror.

These are the things that strengthen my voice. They are the things that remind me listen to my mothering soul. There is freedom when I learn to trust. Peace in letting things go. And joy to be found in finding your path."


  1. whew!

    that is great!

    thanks for sharing...

    Love, Mom

  2. Wow - Maybe I should wake up and read this everyday. Thank you for sharing :)


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