Monday, June 20, 2011

Potty training? Maybe....

This evening while I was vacuuming, I peeked into our bedroom and this is what I saw....
Judah had grabbed one of his books from the book basket in our room and tucked himself into our bed to read. I was even more tickled when I saw what book he had chosen to read.
I love the contemplative look on his face.
After he was done reading, he got up and asked me where his potty chair is. I got it for him and he went potty in it! I asked him if he wanted to wear some Thomas the Train underwear and he wore them all evening until we put him in a diaper for bedtime. He went potty in his potty chair 3 times and only had 1 tiny accident. I was so proud of him!

Potty training isn't something that I'm going to rush but, if he's into it, we are going to go for it. I'm all about putting him in his big boy undies and taking him every 20minutes if I need to. It's just another adventure in my life as a mom!

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  1. yes, what an adventure. isn't it amazing to watch him learn!
    Love, Mom


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