Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random thoughts over coffee

Right now my list is tagging at me and there are many other things I should be doing during naptime but, I have left over coffee from this morning and delicious coffee creamer so, I thought I'd take a little blogging break. I have some random thoughts to type out.

We are still getting settled in here. Some rooms are mostly put away and organized and some are not. I'm just going to be honest here, because it's my blog and I can be, and say that being half un-packed is starting to drive me a bit crazy. To name just a few, there are still boxes of things that need to be unpacked in the kitchen and things that need to be put away in the computer desk. These particular areas of our home need to be in some sort of order so, I'm thinking of tackling the computer desk tonight after bedtime. I would rather sit down and watch The Bachelorette because I'm 2 weeks behind but, I need to get some of this stuff done.

Judah and Paisley are adjusting to living here. Paisley has actually been sleeping even better here than she was at home. She's been sleeping around 10.5 hours straight! She's also doing so much better eating solid foods. She's eating twice a day now and she'll eat a pretty big amount at one setting. She's also still nursing great, of course when nothing is distracting here. I'm noticing how quickly she is becoming an "older" baby. She can move across the floor so quickly and she is pulling up on Judah's toy baskets to get his trucks out. Life is getting more busy by the day with an active baby and an active two year old.

Speaking of Judah, I am so proud of him. Of course no one is perfect but, he just blesses my socks off. Yesterday we were in WalMart and he was telling everyone "Have a nice day" and today I asked him to please put away the toys before naptime and he responds with "Yes, Mommy". Of course he started putting away all the toys in his dirty laundry basket but, he was trying and that's what counts.

My last thought that I'm going to share is I've been thinking a lot lately about what I should be doing to take care of ME. I feel like taking care of my family and the house come first and then it's almost like trying to paddle a canoe up white water rapids to take care of myself. I should be spending more time with God, more time exercising and more time having FUN. If you are a mom and you are reading this, tell me what you do to take care of yourself. I've been convicted that as mom's we aren't supposed to leave our needs at the door step and loose who we are but, create a new balance.

P.S I love this babies thighs!


  1. Paisley looks so grown up! yes, her little thighs are adorable.
    I think it is great that you have this blog. (1) as your Mom, it is another way I can connect with first born daughter.
    (2) it is a way to get your thoughts "out on the table" which is good "self care" (3) it opens dialogue with friends to share from their hearts also.
    Just a about trading time with a friend (or sister) ... keep their two year old for a few hours...then J. can go there so you can have a change in routine?

  2. ME time is important. For me it's often after the kids are in bed and I steal some time where I choose to do something I want instead of something I "should". I blog. I scrapbook. I watch CSI online. It's important. I never mastered the kid swap with child care. Now there is just almost too many of them. Take advantage of it now. Seriously, Angela! Shopping at Target without kids is BLISS!


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