Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Finally we've had some sunny weather! Our plan for this weekend was to get a bunch of yard work done and I'd say that we succeeded. Early Saturday morning, Jeremiah headed out to the store to get some stuff we needed to work on our yard and I stayed home with Judah and Paisley and had pretty much the craziest morning ever. No joke, I made the biggest fool of myself and I'll tell you how. First of all, let me paint the picture of how badly I wanted to get outside and start pulling weeds. Paisley had a hard time going down for her morning nap and I was getting frustrated because I wanted to go outside with Judah and get busy. Finally, I got her to sleep and then Judah went down, opened her door, got the loudest rattle that we own and started shaking it down the hallway. So, here we go again....time to get her back to sleep. Finally, she went back to sleep.

I gathered the monitor, got Judah ready and headed outside. We hadn't been out there for even 5 minutes before Judah headed to the gate, with Rosie at his heels and opened the gate (while I was telling him not to). Rosie tucked her tail between her legs and started flying all over our neighborhood. She wasn't just running, she was running like she'd been in captivity for 10 years. Judah started running behind her laughing hysterically while I chased him and Rosie. We live by a busy road so, it's very dangerous for either of them to be out running around.

I scooped Judah up under my arm and ran inside to get Rosie's treats. I shook the treats and she still wouldn't come. She was running through every neighbors yard and going in people's garages.We were stopping traffic, kids on bikes were starring. Neighbors in their yards were watching me carry my 37lb toddler on one hip, running, shaking the treat jar and calling Rosie. We ran all over the neighborhood and of course, it was a beautiful Saturday morning so, everyone was out working in their yard and watching me, the new crazy neighbor lady.

Finally I grabbed Rosie and carried her under one arm and Judah under the other. I was sweating and all the neighbor kids were following us with their bikes. It felt like a terrible dream and then it got worse. Our doggy treat jar is a Snoopy jar that was my Grandma's. While I was hurrying back to the house, the jar slipped from my hands and broke into a hundred pieces in a neighbors driveway. With Judah on one hip and Rosie on the other, I had to keep going because Paisley was back at home sleeping. I had no time to stop and clean it up. It felt like everyone was staring at us and I just wanted to cry.

We got home and I called my sister to vent. I told her that when Jeremiah got home from the store, I was leaving to go be alone for awhile. The day got better and I ended up not needing to get out alone. On Jeremiah's way home, he swung by our house, picked up the broom and dustpan and went to clean up all the broken glass. time you feel like a circus, picture me running through the entire neighborhood with a huge boy on my hip, calling a dog that is running away from me, stopping traffic, being followed by kids on bikes and then breaking glass in a neighbors driveway. The funny thing is that now I can actually laugh about it!

The rest of our Saturday we worked outside and got a lot done. We headed to church this morning and church was great. It was Paisley's first time in the nursery and she did great. We worked in the yard more this afternoon and then went to dinner with my sister and her family.

We've lived here for a week now and although there's still a ton to do, I feel like things are starting to come together. Here are a couple pictures of Paisley's room. I just love the colors!

 My beautiful baby!!!


  1. If my kids weren't asleep in bed right now I would be laughing out loud! Too funny (in hind-sight). I know it isn't what you wanted as an introduction to your neighbors. But think about how curious people are when new people move in. They KNOW you must be fun and can handle a bit of chaos. I bet there were moms oozing of empathy. You just might find out who has kids the ages of yours in the neighborhood.

    I felt like I was reading a chapter right out of Ramona the Great! Loved it!

  2. Dear Angela,
    This is so inspiring because it could happen to anybody. I liked reading the story after hearing the story already. Thanks for the smiles (yes and laughs too)
    I am sure you will never forget that day!

    Love, Mom

  3. Pretty sure I peed in my pants a little bit! That is the funniest thing I have EVER heard and why you did not share this little circus with me on Sunday morning...I will never know! If you ever need a friend to come sweep some glass, I am minutes away :)

  4. Hilarious! Sounds like my life! We let our dog go to school with us today, and two deer came running up to the car. He and saraiah were still inside the car. I pointed out the deer to him, and he got really excited. Before i knew it, saraiah had opened the door and he was booking it after the deer, all three legs going a mile a minute! He sent those deer back to their home in the woods, and, luckily, was happy to run back to me. oh dear!


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