Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Some weekends go by too quickly and this was one of them. It's been fun, full and tomorrow is Monday. Our weekend started with going garage saling first thing on Saturday morning. We found some great deals and it was so much fun. I think garage saling could become addictive. I see the signs and I just want to follow them and see if I can find any treasures.

One of my favorite things that we stumbled upon is this painting. The guy that sold it to us (for only $3) said that it was very old and had been in their family for a long time. I've had a special love for barns since I was a little girl and this painting relaxes me.

 Here's a picture of another fun garage sale find. This quilt and the pillow cases were $3 total!!! The quilt needed a small amount of hemming in only two places and I sat in the sun today and fixed it right up. Sitting in the sun and sewing the quilt felt a little "Laura Ingalls Wilder" and it was fun. I washed them and they are as good as new. I don't think I would've picked this set up if I was to go by it for regular price but, for $3, it's a fun change. I like how the quilt colors look with the paint color in our room. I need to find some pictures for our walls and continue to make our room a peaceful spot. It's all coming together but, it doesn't happen over night.
After we did our share of garage saling (I mean, Paisley got tired!), we headed to the Home Depot and picked up some un-finished cabinets and some stain. Jeremiah is working on staining some cabinets for our kitchen because we need more cupboard space and we have some empty walls. As I've been un-packing, I've noticed that our kitchen is really lacking in the storage area so, I'm glad he's working on these cabinets. Honestly, the kitchen has brought me to tears but, I have hope! 

Saturday after we put the kids to bed, I went grocery shopping alone while Jeremiah stayed home. After grocery shopping, I met up with my sister and we did a little shopping at Ross. I hadn't been there in a long time and I forgot about the cute things that they have there and the great deals. It was really fun to be out late having some shopping time with Sally!

Today we went to church and then stayed home for the rest of the day and worked around here. I made some granola and planted some flowers outside. Jeremiah hung some shelves for me in the laundry room. I never thought that I'd be so excited about plain white wire shelves on yellow walls. I totally love it!

We had to lower Paisley's crib because she's starting to pull up on stuff. She is getting big way too quickly. I noticed today that her 3rd tooth is coming in and her sweet little personality is developing more everyday. She's spunky, fun and I love it.
This little boy melts my heart. Last night when I was out grocery shopping, Jeremiah was putting him to bed and Judah was asking "Where's Mommy? Where's Hun?" Sometimes he calls me "hun" and I think it's so cute. Today he was out on the porch sweeping and singing "clean up, clean up Rosie's mess". Then tonight when I was putting him to bed, he told me that he wants to ride a school bus with me and sit by me. It was so sweet and it made me a little sad because I know that most likely, someday he will ride a school bus and he won't want to sit by me then. Right now, riding a school bus with me would be the highlight of his year.


  1. your quilt is beautiful and so is that painting! Did you know that I have a picture of you about Judah's age wearing MY shoes!?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful weekend.

    also, it is wonderful that J calls you "Hon" some times

    Love you, Mom

  2. Glad you found some treasures:) I know I have a real weakness for garage sales, a lot of our house is decorated from them (and thrift stores)

  3. Hi Margy! How fun that you like to garage sale also. I love thrift store shopping but, it's not my favorite thing to do with Judah and Paisley. Do you take your kids with you or is it something you enjoy doing for some "me" time?

  4. Hey Angela,
    Unless I'm desperate I tend to also keep the thrift stores to my alone time :)...otherwise it seems I always end up getting them something to avoid a meltdown.


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