Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Ear Infection

Last night Paisley slept all night long but, when she awoke this morning, her temp was 102. I looked up the hours for the walk-in clinic and decided that I'd take her right when they opened, at 9am. When we got there, the receptionist told me it'd be about a 40 minute wait. I was the only one waiting with a child and my first thought was "oh my word, how am I going to keep her happy for 40 minutes in this room that is as quite as a library?" Well, Paisley did awesome. We did wait to see the Doctor for what seemed like forever but, she never even fussed. She was cuddly and "talkative" and although the room was silent, I didn't care at all that she was babbling super loud. The room had great acoustics and she needed to take advantage of that! She was obviously not feeling well but, she was even waving to strangers and I was so proud of how happy she was. I think it was actually nice to sit there and spend that time with her. Really, how often do I just sit there with nothing to do except hold my baby for 40 minutes? It definitely was time well spent.

When it was our turn, the medical assistant took Paisley's temperature and told me it was 98.8, normal. What in the world? So, she left and said the Doctor would be in shortly. While we were waiting for the Doctor, I pulled out the thermometer that I had brought in my purse and took her temperature again myself. It said 101.9 hmmmmm......

The Doctor came in and we chatted. He was super nice and I told him that my thermometer was still saying that she's warm. Wondering if I was doing something wrong, I showed him how I was taking her temp. Sure enough, I was doing it right and the medical assistant had done something wrong. He took it with one of there thermometers and he got the same results that I did. This was just another reminder that just because someone is a professional, it doesn't mean that they don't make mistakes. It's always good to double check! I know my kids better than anyone and you know your kids better than anyone...always question if you think something is "off".

He checked her ears and she has an ear infection so, now she's on that pink medicine and she should be feeling better shortly. I took a few pictures while we were waiting with my cell phone.


  1. Pretty Paisley really does look like she is not quite her perky self. Glad you took her in and glad you are such a wise Mommy.
    Love, mom

  2. Great words of advice! You ALWAYS know your childrens base line behavior. If something feels funny or doesn't seem right sometimes you have to push, even the "professionals". You are such a good Mom. Praying that Paisley is feeling 100% soon :)

  3. Poor girl. Ear infections are no fun. Hope she is feeling better soon!


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