Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Funny Teeth and Sweet Peas

Today has been a pretty fun and laid back day at home. This morning Sally and her boys came over and we all went for a walk. Then the kids played while we looked at some interior decorating magazines. We all had lunch together and then they went home so, everyone could have naps.

While I was feeding Paisley breakfast this morning, I couldn't help but, stare at her cute and funny teeth. Most babies get their 2 middle bottom teeth first. Then the 2 middle top teeth come in next. Paisley is one of a kind (actually, all children are) and her teeth are one of a kind also. Her cute little teeth are sprouting through in their own funny order.
Please excuse the oatmeal and prunes on her face.

Last year, my secret sister at MOPS gave me some sweet pea seeds. They are blooming now and I'm in love with how they smell. I stepped outside this afternoon to practice using my camera and take some pictures of them. I probably looked like quite a fool bending all crazy to take cool pictures of the sweet peas. The neighbors must think I'm a little strange but, whatever. They are so pretty and they smell so good.

Now, excuse me while I go cut some of these pretties for inside the house.


  1. I could almost smell those as I looked at the beautiful photos.

    Yes, Paisley's teeth are is she.

    Love, Mom

  2. gorgeous! i found myself sniffing when you talked about the scent of those sweet peas. i love paisley's teeth!

  3. I LOVE the smell of sweet peas!!!!! That's the scent I get from Bath & Bodyworks. Love it. It just washes calm all over me when I smell it!


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