Saturday, July 16, 2011

Judah's first water gun

While Jeremiah was out getting his oil changed this morning, he picked up a couple little water guns. Judah hasn't played with water guns before and I forgot just how fun they are! I couldn't help but follow Judah and Daddy around the yard with my camera. There were way too many cute photo opportunities. Even though we've had an unusually cold and rainy summer, some of the evenings have been so nice. It doesn't get much better than being outside on a summer evening!

Today Paisley came down with some sort of bug and I feel really bad for her. She was a little fussy this morning and then before her afternoon nap, she felt warm so, I gave her a little Tylenol. She was even warmer in the evening and I could tell that she really didn't feel well. I was taking her temperature with a digital thermometer and those darn thermometers always give me trouble. It was saying that MY temp was 95.5 and that hers was 101.5. I know I'm not 95.5 and I know she definitely has a temp. I gave her more Tylenol before bed and I'm going to check on her a lot tonight. It makes me so sad to see her not feeling well. We've been SO blessed that both Judah and Paisley have been so incredibly healthy. They've only had colds and they've never even had an ear infection or the flu. Tonight while I was feeding her and I could feel her warm head on my arm, I was thinking about the parents who've had to deal with having a really sick child. It made me start crying thinking about it!

Hopefully she'll get lots of sleep tonight and wake up way better tomorrow!

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