Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just some random paragraphs

This was written this morning while our internet was out.....

It’s 8:15am and my house is silent except for the hum of Judah and Paisley’s fans over the monitor. It looks like Judah is sleeping in today. Paisley was up about 6:45 but, she was a total grumpy pants so, she’s already down for a nap. It’s interesting, I’ve made way less of her baby food than I did with Judah and she really struggles with getting “backed up”. Every time I make her some homemade sweet potato or some other homemade baby food, her tummy gets better but, as soon as we go back to eating from the jar, her digestive system gets all messed up again. My mom suggested I start giving her a small amount of Kefir so, I started that last night. Kefir is a natural Probiotic beverage that has way more active cultures than yogurt and it’s supposed to be a super healthy food to eat so, I’m hoping it’ll help Paisley. I’m also going to start making more of her baby food.

Last night I sorted through my jars in the garage to prepare for canning a bunch of strawberry jam. I canned two batches last year and it lasted until about 3 weeks ago so, I think I’m going to make at least 3 batches this year. Paisley will be eating PB&J sandwiches before we know it and Judah loves them also. I’m going to call the berry place this morning and see if they have any flats of the day old berries. The day old berries are less expensive and I think they are actually better for jam because they are slightly sweeter. They need to be used right away though so, don’t buy them if you can’t make the jam within 24-48 hours.

Another thing we have on the list for today is to go return the library books that we checked out last week, in exchange for some new ones. Last week, we had a little bit of an embarrassing moment at the library. We were in line and a friend from church was behind us. When it was our turn to check out the books, I was told that we couldn’t check them out because I had a book that was over 3 weeks over-due and it was considered “lost”. The friend behind us kindly offered to check them out on his account. Although I said that wasn’t necessary, he insisted. So, now we are going to return the books that are on his account and also return the VERY late book. Once again, we will be in good standing with the local library and one more thing will be lifted from my conscience.

Later today my Mom is coming over to spend time with Paisley and I’m going to take Judah to his Dentist appointment. I’ve promised him that we’ll go get a cupcake afterwards because I know he’ll be very brave. Really, I’m a little nervous about his appointment because Judah can be very shy and he really doesn’t like having a strange person looking at his mouth. Last time I took him to the Doctor, he was totally freaking out the whole time. So, I’m really hoping that he at least let’s the Dentist look at his teeth and I’m going to calm my emotions and expect the best.

Now I’m going to sign off the computer so, I can focus on my children and our day. I’ll leave you with this little quote that I read this morning.....
“Do the best that you can where you are, and be kind.” By, Scott Nearing. I seriously love that!!!


  1. Dear Angela -
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights here. I sure enjoyed being with you and Judah and Paisley today. I think I saw that wonderful quote up in your house!
    This is interesting..when you were a little girl, I read a book by Helen and Scott Nearing...probably the same man and his wife. I enjoyed their wisdom also.
    Love You, Mom

  2. Very Interesting, Love it! Nice site, I will be sure to come back to visit! Visiting you from twitter moms!

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  3. Curious how the dental visit went...

  4. Hi Cami! Judah did great at the dentist but,I wasn't so impressed with the dental office this time. In the waiting room, you could hear a child totally freaking out in the back...they didn't even have music on. I said something and she turned on a movie but, it was a cartoon that was more violent than what Judah has seen before. There were just lots of things that I wasn't impressed with but, Judah did great and his teeth look great so, I'm happy.


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