Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My child's unique sense of style- For JCPenney Blogging Program

Part of the fun of having children is seeing them develop their own sense of style as they mature. My children are only two and 9 months so, I’ve only started to see their own sense of style develop. With my two year old, I try to let him pick out his own clothes whenever I can. He still doesn’t have strong preferences for what he likes to wear but, I still like to help him wear clothes that he feels good in.

His favorite things are tractors, trucks, and all construction equipment. So naturally, his favorite shirts are the ones with Thomas the Train, a tractor, or a cement mixer on them. One of the biggest ways that I’ve seen his style develop is with wearing hats. He has a construction hat that he loves to wear and he also loves to wear his fireman hat. I think playing dress up is great for kids his age so, we have fun with that also.

Since Paisley is still a baby, I get to pick her clothes and she doesn’t have a preference yet. It’ll be fun to see what she chooses to wear as she gets older. For me, I enjoy dressing her up in girly clothes. The little tutu’s and dresses are my favorite.
It’s fun to have a boy and a girl because I get to experience the fun of dressing up both genders. I like to embrace that Judah is a boy and likewise, embrace that Paisley is a girl. God made them that way and I like
them to dress as such. As they get older, I know that their personal preferences for their style will change and evolve. They might go through phases where I don’t really care for what they would like to wear and as their mom, I’ll have to guide them in making wise decisions. It will always be important to me that they dress modestly and don’t wear things that are inappropriate. I really want them to be able have their own style though. I think it’s important to not stress about the things that aren’t really important. If Judah has a favorite shirt that he wants to wear everyday, I’m not going to worry about it. When I was growing up, my sister had a purple dress that she wore everyday. Looking back, I think my mom must’ve washed it when she was sleeping. It’ll be fun to see what their sense of style is and how it changes as they grow older.

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