Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our weekend

I'm taking just a few minutes to post a few of my favorite pictures from the last few days. We've been having a fun and busy weekend. Yesterday we went to my Dad's house to have lunch and pick up a wheel barrow that he found for us at a garage sale. My Dad is the best at finding deals at garage sales. It's a hobby of his and he always finds the best things.
After we had lunch at his house and picked up the wheel barrow, we headed to Snow Goose for ice cream cones. Snow Goose has the BEST ice cream cones around. They are huge, cheap, delicious and I love the atmosphere there. It's a favorite spot for our family. Judah and Paisley were both tired and a little grumpy but, we still had lots of fun.
When Paisley is tired, she pulls on her ears and her hair. I sure love that girl! This morning when I went in to get her, she was standing up in her crib. She is getting big way too quickly!
This morning Judah and Jeremiah worked out in the yard. We got some playground wood chips for one area of our yard and they worked on unloading them from the truck and spreading them.
Working outside with Daddy makes Judah so happy. Jeremiah said that he was actually pretty helpful so, that's good. I guess it's good to start them young!

I've been starting to do more coupon shopping and it's really fun. Today I went to Rite Aid and found some great deals. Now I'm going to plan my Target trip for later today. It's fun to get stuff for free or really cheap. Last night I found out that an old friend of mine who has struggles with infertility and miscarriages is expecting! She is 11 weeks along and everything with her pregnancy is going wonderfully. I've prayed for her to be able to have a baby and it totally made my day to hear about her healthy pregnancy! It's amazing how God works, it's all about his timing, isn't it? There are a few other people that I know who have also experienced difficulties with fertility. I'm praying for them and believing that their day will come!


  1. We love their ice cream too. It has been years since we've been there. Think we'll have to make a trip next week when we are on our family vacation!!

  2. Forgot to mention how much I LOVE that picture of J in the truck!!! LOVE!


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