Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simple Sunny Sunday

It's been a good weekend. Saturday started with an early morning trip to Trader Joe's with Paisley. We picked up some yummy things including some flax seed oil to start putting in our smoothies, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, a bottle of wine, extra dark chocolate, whole grain noodles and many, many other favorite things that I like to get there. We also found these gorgeous sunflowers! I'm pretty sure sunflowers are one of my all time favorite flowers. Next year I hope to grow a whole bunch of them. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to have my own sunflowers to go out and pick!
The rest of Saturday was spent getting miscellaneous things done around the house. Jeremiah headed to the store and picked up some more shelves to hang in the little room under the stairs and a few other things. I finished my strawberry jam and although it is fun to make, I'm happy to have that project behind me. 

This morning we went to church and the sermon was really good. Our pastor talked about being in "community" with one another. It was great to be reminded about how we are supposed to have fellowship and deep relationships and not go through this life being individuals. It made me want to deepen the relationships that I have and be more open to have better friendships in my life. Sometimes it seems so hard to get past the "surfacey-type friendships" and I want to make sure that I'm available to be in the friendships that God has planned for me. 

After we got home from church, I tried to get a good picture of Judah and Paisley. It just wasn't happening. She was trying to take his trucks and he was getting frustrated by it and then she was almost rolling off the couch so, I called it quits. This is the best that I could get. 
This afternoon my Dad came over and hung the kitchen cabinets with Jeremiah and then we barbecued hamburgers. I'm so thankful that we have a couple more cabinets in our kitchen now. Our kitchen will always be on the small side but, at least we are trying to make the most of the space that we have. 

My sister and her husband had some errands to do this evening so, Noah came and stayed with us for awhile. He and Paisley were having the best time together. I just love how sweet he is with her. I hope that they are always close!

Later we all hung outside and made S'mores. It was the perfect warm evening and spending time outside while the kids played was wonderful. 

Yep, I burnt my marshmallow. Oh well!

 Judah and Noah love doing "Ring around the rosie" together. I love hearing their little voices singing together!
Now it's time to go to bed. Once again, I'm up way too late!

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  1. I can tell you had a wonderful weekend! Great pics!!
    Love, Mom


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