Monday, July 18, 2011

Typical Monday, Costco & Rosie

Today was a pretty typical Monday for us. We stayed home most of the day except for a trip to Costco. We were out of coffee and that is an emergency so, we had to take care of that! Judah and Paisley got to ride in the shopping cart together for the first time and it was so cute! I think I'd like to start going to Costco more frequently simply because they can ride in the shopping cart together. It's funny though, I did miss having Paisley in the Ergo a little. I'm so used to having her right against me while we're grocery shopping and it was weird to see her being such a big girl in the shopping cart.
Judah was pointing at some HUGE stuffed bears that were for sale. 
 He wore his construction hat shopping, I love it! 
This afternoon my mom came over and visited. Even though I was mopping the floor while she was here, it was nice to have her company. After she left, Judah and Paisley got up from their naps and I needed to get started on dinner. I got Judah's fort and tunnel out and they played so well together for most of the time that I was cooking. It was so nice to see them playing together nicely because Judah hasn't been very nice with Paisley lately. He is always telling her "NO!" and grabbing toys away from her. He say "Paisley, you play with baby toys!" and he takes toys from her constantly. I've started sending him to his room every time he's nasty with her and I'm just going to keep it up until his sweet little two year old brain gets it. Anyway, they did better this evening and that was nice.
Our living room was an absolute mess but, this is what fun looks like sometimes!
 Judah had yogurt all over him after his snack so, I decided that his shirt was better off in the laundry. 
While I was cooking dinner, I was looking at Rosie out on the deck. She used to be such a crazy-hyper puppy and now she's become such a great family dog. This morning Judah was driving trucks on her, like up and down her back and she just laid there for a minute and then got up and walked away. He feeds her every night for his "chores" and she is so great with him. 

Tonight while we were praying, we said "Thank you God for Daddy, Mommy, Judah and Paisley" and Judah says "And Rosie!!!"
 ....................................So sweet..............................................


  1. Home life is good. And sweet. Love the photos.

  2. very the photos
    love you!


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