Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to MOPS picnic

I'm so blessed to be in a group of supportive and fun ladies. It's called MOPS and I can't imagine not being involved. Today we had our picnic to kick off the new year and it was great! A ton of moms and their kids showed up. We all just hung out while the kids played and ate lots of food.

I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of Judah and Paisley but, I did get a few pictures of some other sweethearts that were playing.

I'm always super hesitant to post pictures of other people on my blog but, don't think these mommies would mind. That's the funny thing about blogging....I want to document our daily lives but, I never want to step on anyone's toes while doing so!

Judah had an absolute blast running around at the picnic and playing with all the kids. He did really well until it was time to go. Then he hollered and screamed like he was seriously hurt because he didn't want to leave.
Got to love making a big scene sometimes.....not! Anyway, I tell myself that this is only a phase! After the picnic we came home and my babies napped. Jeremiah asked me if he could go golfing after work and although I would've rather had him home, I know it's important for him to do fun things with his co-workers. Judah, Paisley and I spent the evening grocery shopping because I didn't want to have a long evening just hanging out at home alone. I didn't make dinner so, Judah and I ate McDonalds in the car on our way home. It's not the dinner that I'm most proud of but hey, we never do that.

While we were at Fred Meyer Judah saw the guy working in the dairy section and hollered at the top of his lungs" Mommy, what is that man wearing jammies doing???"


  1. Judah is already making a wonderful big splash in this world!!
    The MOPS picnic sounds wonderful!!

  2. LOVE the jammies comment.

    And you are right about me, I don't mind you posting photos of my kids.


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