Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dad and Jeremiah build shelves

This morning we had our meeting for the coupon group that we're planning and it went awesome. I felt like we were really on the same page and it's going to be so fun! Getting together with other ladies to share tips and tricks for saving money is something I'm very excited about. I really feel like the group is going to be great and I can't wait to share more about it.

After we had our meeting, I came home and Jeremiah, Judah and my Dad headed to the store to buy lumber to build shelves in our garage.
My Dad is an amazing carpenter. He built the house I lived in until I was 15 and it's been such a blessing to have his help with various projects around our house. We didn't have any shelves in our garage but, as of this evening, we now have some amazing storage! After the kids were in bed, Jeremiah and I organized everything and after putting everything away, we still have lots of empty shelf space. Yippy!
While they were working in the garage I made zucchini and Italian sausage lasagna, Cesar salad and peanut butter brownies for dinner. After we all ate, I took Judah and Paisley for a walk because Judah was a little restless, wishing he could be down in the garage helping them build. I tried to get a good picture of them but, this was the best that I could get. They crack me up. 
Paisley is almost 10 months old and I feel like she is entering a really fun age. She is starting to wave at everyone and she can say "Hi" perfectly. She's also trying to say "Bye, bye" and she imitates me when I click my tongue and do other silly things. She's started pulling herself up on stuff and she still army crawls everywhere. I can already tell that she's going to be a busy girl!


  1. thanks for joining in my blog hop! following you now. please follow back when you can.

  2. Hi there! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that your daughter's name is Paisley!! :)

    My youngest just turned one--isn't this such a fun age? It really starts to get fun at around 8 months I think.

    And how cool that your dad built your house?! :)

  3. How much is it going to cost to have Jer come "practice" building shelves in our garage???? So jealous!!!

  4. And, the coupon meeting was the highlight of my day :)

  5. Julie, You could have my Dad build shelves for you! They were super affordable for all the storage. You know my Dad is a fabulous carpenter and I'm sure he wouldn't charge much...Just saying! :)


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