Thursday, August 11, 2011

Deep breathing under the tree

I grew up on 11 acres out in the country. My sister and I had sheep at one point, chickens at another time, many rabbits and always lots of outside kitties. My mom had a big garden and we lived on the river. We had neighbors but, they lived far away. As kids we played in the mud down at the river on a sunny day. We walked down to the river when there was still a little snow on the ground and we "by mistake" fell in so, we could swim for a minute. We covered ourselves in mud, head to toe, on a regular basis. We didn't have a T.V until I was around 10 or 11. We lived in the country and we spent much of each day outside, no matter what the weather was like.

I don't live in the country anymore. I actually live in a culdesac. I wish I lived in the country, on a river with lots of  animals and lots of trees. However, I am very aware of how blessed we are. Maybe someday I will live in the country again. Or maybe we will just make our place in town feel as much "country" as possible.

I may not have tons of trees or even a garden this year but, I do have a BIG tree and it looks like it would be great for climbing.

 This afternoon the sun was shining. I went and stood underneath this tree and breathed deeply. Have you ever stood underneath a tree and just breathed? If you haven't, you should and if you have, you should go do it again, soon.
My Grandma loved butterflies and sometimes I see a white butterfly go flying by. It makes me feel so close to her. When I was out under our tree this afternoon, this little white butterfly joined me.
I may not have 11 acres with enough trees on it to provide our Christmas trees for the next 30 years but, I do have a few of my own sticks and that makes me happy. 
I gathered a few sticks and used them to support my out of control sweet peas. 

There's only one poppy in bloom right now but, it's yellow and it's gorgeous. 

Jeremiah gave me some thyme and rosemary plants for my Birthday. It's so fun to see them growing. I think we'll have rosemary and thyme chicken and roasted potatoes for dinner. I was sad to not have a garden this year but, at least I can cook with some fresh herbs that we grew. 

I'm hoping the sunshine sticks around for awhile. I think I need more time outside. I need to do more deep breathing under that big tree. It was nice.


  1. Hi
    From the land "OF ALL THOSE TREES"!

    I really enjoyed reading this....great photos too.

    Love, Mom

  2. Had no idea you grew up in the country. Love how I learn new things about you through your blog. Love how these kinds of details reveal so much more about you :)

  3. don't forget the guinea pigs! And the turtles we would find, make pens to keep them in, and they would always escape. Such great memories! Love this post :)

  4. Sally, how could I forget those guinea pigs? I also remember a frog that was alive and then he didn't make it. I stirred him up in a bucket of water to try and revive him. If Judah and Paisley start catching frogs, I'm going to be a little more careful that we catch and release quickly.


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