Monday, August 1, 2011


Something that we often do during our family dinner time is share our very favorite part of the day and also our least favorite part of the day. Tonight my husband worked late so, I did dinner with Judah and Paisley alone. I'll admit, I forgot all about sharing our favorite and least favorite parts of the day. Between getting Judah, Paisley and myself fed, it just slipped my mind. Even though my favorites are simple, I think I'll share them here. After all, it really is the simple moments that matter the most.

Thinking back over the day, I can't decide on just one favorite part so, I'm going to pick two. My first favorite moment of the day was sitting outside with Judah this morning and having a snack with him. It took awhile to get Paisley down for her morning nap and once she was asleep, I got Judah all ready to go play outside. I did a few inside chores while I peeked on him every couple of minutes. At one point, I brought him in for a quick potty break and then suggested that I could chop up some cheese and a peach for him to have a snack outside at his picnic table. He said "Mommy have a snack with me?" I had planned on mopping the kitchen while he had his snack but, I quickly realized that the mopping could wait. He had me sit down on the opposite side of him at his toddler sized picnic table. We smiled at each other across the table while we ate our cheese and peaches. We were sitting in the shade, the temperature was perfect, the neighborhood was quiet and it was just he and I. He handed me little pieces of peach and said, "Here Mommy, have this one". He smiled at me and his eyes twinkled as I ate the pieces of peach that he handed me with his little dirty hands. I couldn't stop staring at his freckles and thinking how I wished I had my camera. It seems like a new freckle pops out everyday and they are the most beautiful freckles that I've ever seen.

My second favorite moment of the day was when Judah, Paisley and I were laying on his bedroom floor reading a couple books. To be accurate, it was more like Paisley was crawling all over Judah's room and playing with his toys, while Judah and I read a couple books. We were reading a beautiful story titled "If I Could" and there was a picture of a mommy reading a story to her child. Judah smiled and said, "They're reading Spot Goes to the Farm!" That was really sweet to me because that Spot book has been a favorite at our house since he was just a baby.

Tonight when I was uploading our pictures from today, I saw the pictures on the computer that I took exactly one year ago. It's pretty crazy to look back and see how much has changed in a year!
8/1/11---Paisley Rae talking on her phone.
 8/1/10----Paisley Rae in my tummy.
 8/1/11---Judah making some jello with strawberries and peaches in it.

8/1/10---Little Judah hanging outside. 


  1. thank you for sharing. one of my favorite moments from yesterday was reading a book to my girls on the floor too. :)

  2. We do our favorites at our house too, just before bed each night.

  3. I love the favorites idea :) The pictures from today and one year ago blow my mind...where does time go? The boys won't eat jello no matter what I put in it! Maybe I should try to hide some chocolate in it or something :)


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