Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun Friday

Tonight I'm pretty tired because I've gone to bed way too late the last couple nights and for some odd reason, Paisley has woken up once during the night for the last two nights. I'm not sure what's going on because she usually sleeps straight through. Anyway...we had a really fun day today. We had a fairly lazy morning. Judah has this new thing where he loves to lay down on the ground and then ask me to put Paisley by him. She crawls up on him, they wrestle around and they both love it. 

 They love each other so much and I'm so thankful they have each other!

After Paisley took a little nap, we headed out to do a few errands and then we stopped at the park for some playing and a picnic. I enjoy going out and doing something with just my kids so much sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I also love meeting up with friends but, there's something sweet about having fun with just my kids. I think I'm more relaxed when no one is around. I'm not worried about another mom judging me on the way
I'm parenting or wondering if another mom thinks it's weird that I have a potty chair in my mini-van.
While we were at the playground I met two other moms that were so sweet and easy to talk with. I had a conversation with one of them that I know was straight from God. It was one of those "divine appointments" and it was awesome.

We came home from the playground and I got Judah and Paisley down for their naps. I went outside and washed all the floor mats for my car and started vacuuming it out. Paisley didn't nap long so, she joined me in the stroller and ate cheerios and played with toys while I vacuumed out the car. Then Judah woke up and he "helped" me wash the car. Let's just say, between Paisley waking up, Judah helping me, miscellaneous trips to take Judah to the bathroom, including one (or should I say number two) accident clean-up, the cleaning of car took over three hours. I started at 2:00pm and we didn't finish until 5:30pm. It's ok though, doing things with kids takes longer but, we had fun. Judah had fun helping me wash it and I was proud of how patient Paisley was while we were out there.

Speaking of potty training, Judah has been doing really well! He hardly ever, ever, has potty accidents! He's still working on the poop thing but, I have faith that he'll get it. It's funny how potty training has been challenging but, the challenge of it is defiantly getting easier. He wears underwear all the time now, except for during the night. When we are out in public, I'm not always worried about him having an accident because he's doing so well. I actually forget that he doesn't have a diaper on and that's good. A week or two ago, I was always thinking about when I needed to take him again.I'm proud of him!

Tomorrow I'm having coffee with Julie to talk about starting a couponing group. I'm and couponing, fun stuff.


  1. I have a potty chair in our mini van too. Not weird at all. It's not doing G any good though! J is way ahead of her! I think you are way more diligent with it than I am right now. Just don't have it in me right now.

  2. Cami, if you don't have it in you right now....who cares! She'll get it and you'll get serious about it when the time is right. Love you!

  3. If a potty is the weirdest thing in your minivan, please don't EVER look into the backseat (or trunk) of our car :) P.S. I think you are an amazing Mom :) LOVED spending this morning talking coupons over coffee - cannot wait to make our group official :)

  4. What a fun time you are having with those wonderful kids. The pictures of J and P almost made me cry...absolutely beautiful


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