Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garage Sale Finds, Cute Pictures & Fall Garden

A night time ritual of mine is to go check on Judah and Paisley after they are asleep. I like to make sure they are covered and all safe and sound. I just went and checked on them and they are both sawing logs. It doesn't surprise me because the last few days have been busy and fun. As much as I value time at home with my family, I'm also really enjoying spending good time with friends and enjoying the last days of summer.

Early yesterday morning we met up with Sally and her boys to go garage saling. I'll be honest and say that garage saling with small children isn't as enjoyable as garage saling would be alone or with a good friend. Despite the many seat belts that were buckled and un-buckled, the "I don't want to hold your hand" and the "Please just look, and don't touch!" we still had a blast. For the most part, the kids did great and I think they actually had fun.  Here are a few of the fun things that I found yesterday.
Full set of wooden alphabet and number blocks $2
 New container for my basil .50
 Cute watering can .50
 I was really excited to see this chalk board. I've been wanting one for our dining room for quite awhile now. There's something rustic about chalkboards and I just love them. This one was $5. When I brought it home, I wiped it down well and then sanded any rough spots. 

 I decided to paint it a nice light brown color. It's the same color as the paint in our bedroom and we already had all the paint supplies in the garage. The first coat of paint always looks a little funny.
 I love it after the second coat! I'm not done with it yet though...... I'll post a picture when I'm done. What a fun project and super affordable also! 
Another fun find was this John Deere hat for Judah. It's brand new and I think it was $1 or less. I can't get over how good green looks on him with his red hair and blue eyes. 
Yesterday afternoon, Judah and Paisley were playing on the floor together and Paisley was crawling all over him. It was so sweet. The precious moments where they play so well together totally make up for the many, many times that I'm getting after Judah for taking her toys or not being gentle with her.
 I love how happy Paisley's face is. She totally adores him.

 Paisley was laying on the floor with her favorite blanket. All on his own, Judah went and got his and laid down with her. I love when I see his sweet and gentle side with her.
Last night I went out with some friends to celebrate a Birthday. It was the first time that Jeremiah put both Judah and Paisley to bed without me home. Everything went smoothly. She took a bottle before bed and went to sleep just fine. She slept all night long like everything was normal. When I was sick, my milk supply went way down but, it's back to normal now and I'm really thankful for that. I plan on nursing her for quite awhile longer but, it's nice to also have the flexibility of her taking a bottle. I don't feel bad if Jeremiah puts her to bed once in awhile so, I can go have some fun.

Today Jeremiah helped a lady in our church move. The kids and I went to a friends Birthday party and Judah had a blast running around outside. This evening Jeremiah started building my first raised bed. We are going to have a little fall garden and I'm super excited about it. I've been doing some reading on fall gardening and although I'm defiantly a beginner gardener, I'm ready to learn.
 Hooray for good soil and boards! 


  1. Wow! I just love the pictures and all the special garage sale finds. Thanks for sharing all these fun things!!!...I'm excited about your garden, too.

  2. I loved seeing you today! Judah and Paisley are just precious! Your garage sale finds are awesome, and I think a fall garden sounds so beautiful... Can't wait to see how it grows. Take care!

  3. Loved your chalkboard find. It's awesome!! Love the hat, too!

    Sounds like you've had a few wonderful busy, fun days. We too are enjoy the last few days of summer with LOTS of activity. Daniel starts school on Thursday and Mercy starts of Friday!

  4. Great garage sale finds! LOVE seeing pictures of the kids wrestling around on the floor! So much fun to see you the last few days :) Making memories that will last a lifetime :) Love you guys!

  5. You did great at the garage sales! Your kiddos are soo cute, don't you just love sibling love?


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